Payment Info

Please visit your Local's site and select your classification to assure that the correct amount is applied to your dues.

Houston, TX

Local 54

San Antonio, TX

Local 67

Dallas, TX

Local 68

Baton Rouge, LA

Local 214

Members wishing to use agree that they shall be paid in accordance with Article ten (10) section 2 (f) of the Constitution and Ritual.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure that your dues are processed properly and to prevent any delays, members are asked to include their name and their member number in the “special instructions to merchant” section. If you have questions regarding please contact the SWGCRC Dues & Finance office at 210-202-3221. If you want to pay more than the 1-month payment you can increase the quantity in the shopping cart.

Financial Information & Payments

You are able to purchase items and/or donate money through our websites. We use a secure server for processing payments and financial information. No refunds are provided.

If you are paying for any of the following, YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT THE SWGCRC FINANCIAL OFFICE DIRECTLY AT Please leave a short but detailed message and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.